Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth

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An AEDY Program is a program approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide a temporary placement for disruptive students in grades 6 through 12. Students placed in an AEDY Program continue to make academic progress towards graduation and work to remedy disruptive behavior through counseling and other behavioral interventions. AEDY placements are used only as a last resort, after all other behavioral interventions have failed to remedy the student’s disruptive behavior(s).

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AEDY Events

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Approved AEDY Programs Map

Two column table. Left column is Placements, right column is total number. Rows read as follows. Total number of placements : 3522. Total number of LEAs who placed students: 245. Total number of students with disabilities: 860. Total number of English Learner placements: 155.
Two column table. Left column is titles criteria for placement in AEDY. Right column is percent of placement. Rows read as follows. Disregard for school authority or school policy violation: 17.46%. Display/use of a controlled substance: 25.67%. Violent or threatening behavior: 34.50%. Possession of weapon: 13.37%. Commission of a criminal act: 1.93%. Misconduct meriting suspension or expulsion: 7.07%.