Secondary Incidents

What if another behavior of concerns happens while a student is seated in AEDY?

If an incident that meets the criteria of an AEDY placement occurs while a student is already placed in an AEDY program, the following must occur for AEDY documentation. All steps within Leader Services should occur on the same day. These steps are marked with a star emoji ⭐.

Step 1: 

Notify the LEA of the incident on the same day the behavior occurs.

Step 2:

Within 10 days: The LEA will complete due process requirements of Informal Hearing procedures (22 Pa Code § 12.8 Hearings), if required, and the Manifestation Determination Review (MDR).

⭐Step 3:

Once due process is completed, the AEDY program will "transfer to LEA" in the system and the LEA will accept and close the original referral.

⭐Step 4:

LEA will create a new referral for the secondary incident, including all of the information noted above.

Step 5:

Submit the referral to the AEDY program.

⭐Step 6:

AEDY Program will accept the student and new presumptive exit dates will be created in the Leader System.

Please note: the student does not return to the sending LEA during this time period. They may remain in the disciplinary placement while this process is occurring.