Formal Periodic Reviews, Interventions, & Goals

The Formal Periodic Review (FPR) is a document and a meeting which tracks and assesses a student's progress during their time in an AEDY program. The FPR process begins within the first five days of placement when the initial FPR must be completed (demographics, interventions, and goals). Individualized data is then gathered on the student's goal while in placement and reviewed at the 45-day FPR meeting along with the full team (AEDY Program Coordinator, LEA Coordinator, student, parent(s), and other LEA and AEDY program staff as appropriate).

This section of the website provides more information on the FPR process, including resources on providing appropriate and individualized interventions and goals.

Both the blank FPR and annotated FPR templates can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons below.

This video and discussion question series takes a deep dive into the documentation and surrounding procedures for the Formal Periodic Review (FPR) used by AEDY Programs and Sending LEAs.

Behavioral screening and intervention can be a challenging endeavor under typical circumstances, and even more so when time and resources are limited. This virtual training will review valid and reliable tools to inform AEDY behavioral goals. Additionally, participants will explore efficient and effective evidence-based interventions aligned to screening data. Important considerations, including screener qualifications, treatment fidelity, generalization, and long-term planning will also be addressed.

AEDY Community of Practice - March 21, 2024. Presented by Allison Tucker from the Bangor Area School District In-House AEDY Program.

When a student’s behavior is interfering with his/her learning or the learning of others, a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is used to identify problem behaviors and develop interventions to improve or eliminate those behaviors. The procedural steps in conducting a FBA require focused teaming, precise behavioral tracking, and targeted interventions to best support the student in all intended educational settings. Intervention fidelity and progress monitoring are additional key factors that effectively link the socially appropriate replacement behaviors to student-level Positive Behavior Supports. 

AEDY Office Hour: November 30, 2021

AEDY Office Hour: December 20, 2021. Features three AEDY program counselors sharing their goals and curricula.

Presented at the PA SAP Conference in February 2023, this video addresses topics such as supporting students' transition back to their home buildings, collaboration between AEDY program, Sending LEA, student, and family, continuation of SAP Services, counseling interventions, and counseling curricula.