Formal Periodic Reviews: Goal Development & Progress Reporting

This office hour was presented live on January 20, 2022. It was recorded and is presented here for your use. A copy of the slides and the Jamboard are available for download by clicking on the buttons directly below this textbox. A short Q&A is included in print below this video.


Q: Is there a list of approved behavioral assessments our team can reference for our AEDY Program?

A: The AEDY Team does not approve behavioral assessments for AEDY programs. We recommend that programs and sending LEAs collaborate to determine what assessment(s) will work best to provide the information needed for goal writing and intervention planning for students.

Q: If a student does not meet their behavioral goal in the first 45 days, do we revise their goal and maintain the placement in the program for another 45 days?

A: This is a local decision based on the individual student case. Consider the student's behavioral goal - was the goal SMART? What data was collected during the student's placement in AEDY? Is is appropriate for the student's goal to change at this time? What is the student's expulsion status?

If the team determines the goal needs to be revised, note the revision using the appropriate section on the FPR so it is clear in the documentation that the goal has been adjusted as a result of the FPR meeting and collected behavioral data.

Q: What if a student has not been in attendance - can they still meet their behavioral goal(s)?

A: A student's placement status may only be determined by their progress towards their behavioral goal(s) related to the reason for placement. Attendance and truancy may not determine a student's placement status.

If a student exhibits chronic absences, the AEDY Program may collaborate with the Sending LEA to implement a SEP/TAIP to support this student need.