Grant or Deny Access to Sending LEAs

Sending LEA FAQ

Q: I am seeing the error message “application cannot be submitted because the following programs must give permission first,” how do we fix this?

A: Contact your selected AEDY program and let them know you are requesting them to grant access to send to their AEDY program. You can find the program contact information within your sending LEA application under the Program Sites page.

Q: If we have listed an AEDY Program to which we no longer send students, how do we remove it?

A: From the program sites page of your Sending LEA Application, click the “Delete” button in the action column for the AEDY Program you wish to remove.

AEDY Programs - Follow the steps below to Grant Access to Sending LEAs:

(Step 1) From the Leader Services Dashboard, click on the blue number in the box labeled “Orgs that have chosen you as provider.”

Program dashboard with a red box around the Orgs that have chosen you as provider box.

(Step 2) For each Sending LEA in the Organization column, view their current confirmation status using the Status column. It will either say “Program Unconfirmed” (letter A in the image below) or “Program Confirmed” (letter B in the image below).

To change the Status, simply click on the button in the LEA’s Action column which will either say “Grant Access” for unconfirmed programs (letter A in the image below) or “Deny Access” (letter B in the image below). There will be a pop-up to confirm the change in status in both cases.

Sending LEA table. Letter A is the grant access button next to an unconfirmed program. Letter B is the deny access next to a confirmed program.

(Step 3) Let the Sending LEA know that you have changed the confirmation status. LEAs that now have a Confirmed status may now submit their application to send to your AEDY Program.

Need more support? Get in touch with your AEDY Team point of contact or email