PDE Integrated Monitoring System (IMS)

As of April 2023, the PDE has begun rolling out the Integrated Monitoring System (IMS). The AEDY Leader Services dashboard and all other AEDY functions are now a part of this system and require login through IMS for access.

The information below supports this transition for all users.

How to receive your IMS login information


Your next steps are to go to SINGLE SIGN ON HOME (pdeims.com)  and complete the password reset process as follows:


Please contact the IMS Team at RA-edims@pa.gov if you need further assistance.

Support for Chief School Administrator (CSA)

The CSA of your educational entity as identified in EDNA has access to add users to IMS as well as identify their rolls. The video and checklist below include steps on how to do this. 


Q: What needs to be done if I change LEAs?

A: When a staff member joins a new LEA, their new CSA will need to create an account for them under the new LEA's purview. Follow the steps in the video above to do this. The CSA at the previous LEA can deactivate or revoke permissions on the original account - it will not affect the new account as the email addresses will be different.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about IMS?

A: If you need additional assistance, contact the PDE IMS team at RA-edims@pa.gov.