Manifestation Determination Reviews for AEDY Placements

The training outlines a brief overview of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and the impact in delivery of varied interventions for students with disabilities. Attendees will learn the required components of a Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) and be provided with considerations as the IEP team conducts the review prior to removal to an AEDY Program. (The development of the child’s team and the legal connections will further illustrate steps to complete a meaningful review an MDR).

Watch the video below to learn about the requirements for Manifestation Determination Reviews when students are removed to AEDY Program settings.

A copy of the slides as well as the Manifestation Determination Worksheet from PaTTAN are available for download by clicking on the buttons below this textbox.

A Self-Quiz is available by clicking on the button below the video to test your understanding of the Manifestation Determination Reviews for AEDY placements.