Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) systems are frameworks for enhancing academic, behavior health, and social-emotional learning outcomes for ALL students. The supports in this section are targeted towards LEAs and AEDY Programs that want to begin or build on existing structures in their buildings. Be sure to also check out the MTSS section of the PaTTAN website (linked on the button below) for more information and support.

Pennsylvania’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a standards-aligned, comprehensive school improvement framework for enhancing academic, behavioral health and social-emotional learning outcomes for ALL students. This session will describe the conceptual underpinnings of MTSS to include: universal screening, family/community engagement, shared ownership, central administration support, and data-based decision making. 

A brief overview support video of how to write and upload an MTSS Action Plan for your AEDY Program application.

The success of PBIS in typical school settings has led to PBIS implementation in alternative settings, including disciplinary alternative day schools, residential mental health programs, and juvenile justice programs. In this webinar, we will introduce the FW-TFI (v0.2), and use this tool to guide our discussion of important considerations for PBIS planning and implementation in alternative settings. In addition, we will discuss considerations for effective PBIS coaching in alternative settings. Finally, we will discuss the importance of state and district PBIS teams including the full range of educational settings in district- and state-wide PBIS policies, plans, and activities.