Cyclical Monitoring

Welcome to the AEDY Cyclical Monitoring Module!

This module is structured to support AEDY Programs and Sending LEAs to understand the requirements and procedures for the AEDY Cyclical Monitoring process. Each portion of the module is structured around one requirement, for example, one section of the Facilitated Self Assessment (FSA). 

Where videos are included, transcripts are available directly below the videos if you prefer to read instead of watch the information.

**Please note a collaborative review of policies, procedures, and practices will be conducted by both the Bureau of Special Education and AEDY Team to ensure compliance.**

Each member of your monitoring team should complete the module. View each section of the module at your own pace - there is no need to complete all sections in one sitting. As you progress, we recommend taking notes with any questions or concerns you may have about the monitoring process.

At the end of the module, you will find the Cyclical Monitoring Questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire informs your monitoring chair that you and your team are ready for the pre-monitoring preparation meeting and provides an opportunity to ask questions which will shape that discussion.

Your team should complete this module by two months prior to the week of monitoring - see your monitoring letter for this date.

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