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This page includes upcoming trainings with the PaTTAN AEDY team as well as related teams - be sure to check back regularly for more supports!

AEDY Student Referrals Trainings

A full review of the AEDY Referrals system in Leader Services/IMS! 

These trainings will use fictitious student referrals to walk through every step of the process, including creating the referral, the student's time in the AEDY program, and the transition back to LEA. We will also discuss common questions like "What do I do if the student never actually attended?" and "The student moved to another district, what do I need to do in Leader?"

These sessions are *live* and *open* virtual webinars that will not be recorded, so be sure to share with all new and returning staff who have access to the referrals system!

Click the dates below to register for each session.

September 11, 2024
10am - 11:30am

September 19, 2024
1:30pm - 3pm

January 14, 2025
10am - 11:30am

January 16, 2025
1:30pm - 3pm

AEDY Goal Writing Trainings

Come with your goal writing team and continue developing your skills for writing student goals! These trainings will walk your team through guiding questions, tips, and considerations for writing behavioral goals for students seated in AEDY. A portion of each training will provide your team a chance to practice goal writing by writing goals for fictitious students.

These sessions are *live* and *open* virtual webinars that will not be recorded, so be sure to include your full team! A copy of the slide deck will be provided to all attendees.

Click the dates below to register for each session. Teams that will attend in one room together should register individually in order to receive a copy of the materials following the session and provide accurate attendance data to presenters.

October 1, 2024
2pm - 3:30pm

February 12, 2025
10am - 11:30am

From Screening to Intervening: Evidence-Based Interventions for At-Promise Youth

September 24, 2024, 10am - 11:30am

Act 48 Credit available

Many educators have heard the adage, "if we screen, we must intervene." However, despite the abundance of screening data available, school teams find it challenging to find an evidence-based intervention match aligned with students' needs. This virtual training will review evidence-based interventions to address commonly identified needs for students at promise within AEDY placements. Important considerations, including resource allocation, intervention fidelity, and generalization will also be addressed.

Presented by Dr. Kate Parker

Note: This is a follow-up to Dr. Parker's 2023 webinar, Planning for Success: Efficient and Effective Behavioral Screening and Intervention. A recording and all resources are available on the website by clicking on the session title.

Navigating Trauma: Brain/Body Pathways to Foster Emotionally Regulated and Resilient Students

November 6, 2024, 12pm - 1:30pm

Act 48 Credit available

This training demonstrates the difference in brain functioning between traumatized and non-traumatized individuals when a trigger causes the perception of threat (whether real or not). It focuses on a two pathway Road Resilience Model that includes the "Eight Essentials" that foster secure relationships that help students feel safe and daily practices that foster interoceptive intelligence to increase emotional regulation, focus, and empathy.

Presented by Maggie Kline,  M.S., LMFT, SEP (click here to see her website and other trainings)

Registration link coming soon!

Note: Read ahead with Maggie Kline's latest book, Brain-Changing Strategies to Trauma-Proof our Schools!

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