Equity & Disproportionality

Equitable practices are at the core of preventing disproportionality in exclusionary practices, including sending students to AEDY placements. The resources below provide a starting point for adjusting practices in your LEA or program. Be sure to also check out the resources provided by PDE's Equitable Practices Hub, linked in the button below.

During the session, participants will be provided with alternatives to suspension and expulsion in lieu of using zero tolerance disciplinary practices. Equitable discipline research suggests that zero tolerance disciplinary policies contribute to disproportionate outcomes for historically marginalized students. Alternatives related to restitution, mini courses, appropriate in-school suspension, behavior monitoring and community service will be described. Proactive system approaches will also be described regarding a multi-tiered system of support. 

This session will give a comprehensive overview of why valuing the cultural background and norms of students and communities is a critically important professional disposition for teachers and administrators. 

The AEDY Disproportionality Calculator is a tool that any Sending LEA may use to determine the risk ration of placing an in-process referral of a student with a disability. Use this page for a step-by-step instruction of how to use the tool.