HELP: A Charge to Become a "Drum Major" for Equity and Justice

This session will give a comprehensive overview of why valuing the cultural background and norms of students and communities is a critically important professional disposition for teachers and administrators. Specifically, this presentation utilizes the Critical HELP framework to explain:

  • A historical analysis of racism within an American context that still intersects in schools and classrooms.

  • The difference between equality and equity.

  • The importance of students experiencing a sense of belonging.

  • Exemplar practices techniques that teachers can utilize in the classroom, and administrators in the school community.

The aim of this session is to challenge teachers and administrators to increase their practical and theoretical capacities to engage all learners, in a manner that aligns with authentic practices pertaining to equity and social justice.

This webinar, jointly hosted by PDE and the PaTTAN Equity Initiative, was held at 9am on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. The live recording is below.