Application Cycle FAQs

Q: Our application was previously approved, do we need another one?

A: Yes - the application cycle for Sending LEAs and In-House AEDY Programs "resets" every 2 school years. If your LEA's application was approved for the July 2021 - June 2023 cycle, a new application will need to be submitted and approved to continue sending to approved AEDY Programs or operating as an approved in-house program for the July 2023 - June 2025 cycle.


Q: If we were already approved, will we need to start from scratch?

A: No - the previously approved application's data will roll into the new application. You will be able to confirm the data's accuracy and make any needed changes before submitting the application for the new cycle.


Q: It took a long time for our application to get approved during the first cycle - is that going to happen again?

A: If your application was already approved, it is likely that small details, such as the staff clearance and training dates, will need to be updated. Just as with the previous application cycle, the AEDY Team will provide support throughout the application process.


Q: Who should we contact if we have questions about the application process?

A: Contact your AEDY Team point of contact if you already have one. If you do not have a point of contact already or cannot find the correct email address, send an email to for support.