Access your Application

(Step 1) Navigate to

(Step 2) Login with your username and password, then select AEDY under "Program Monitoring and Accountability/AEDY."

Note: As of April 2023, the Leader Services platform has merged into the PDE Integrated Monitoring System (IMS). For more information on this, click here to go to the IMS page.

PDE IMS login screen
PDE IMS dashboard, the dropdown for program monitoring and accountability/AEDY has been opened and there is a red box around the AEDY link.

(Step 3) If you have not yet started an application for the new application cycle, you will see a banner marked "Renew your application: Click Here" and will need to click on "Click Here" to continue.

Leader services dashboard with a red arrow pointing at "renew your application" button

If the application has already been started, find the row marked State Application in Process and click "View Application."

Dashboard with a red box around the state application in progress line of the table

(Step 4) Click on "Edit Section" in the row for Contact Information to access the first page of the application.

Application index page with a red box around the contact information line of the table.