Completing the Contact Information Page

To complete the Contact Information portion of your application, you must check the boxes for the assurance statements at the bottom of the page: 

Students returning from mental health or residential placement: I/We know and understand that AEDY programs may not be used as a transitional placement for students returning from mental health or residential placement unless the student is a disruptive student within the meaning of 24 P.S. Section 19-1901-C (5).

Special Education:

(1) Affirming you have read, understand, and will comply with the special education requirements.

(2)  I/We know and understand that students with disabilities must not be unnecessarily segregated into certain AEDY programs because of their disability. AEDY programs with significant overrepresentation of students with disabilities as compared to the percentage of students with disabilities in the General Education Program will be reviewed by PDE to ensure that students with a disability are neither being placed into AEDY programs because of their disability nor are being assigned unnecessarily to a specific AEDY program because of disability.

(3)  I/We know and understand that within five school days of placement of a student with a disability in an AEDY program, the Transition Team (LEA Coordinator, AEDY Program Coordinator, student, parent(s) and other LEA and AEDY Program Staff as appropriate must...

Congratulations! You have completed the Contact Information section of your application! Time to move on to the bulk of the application which is listed under "Program Sites."