Contact Information

(Step 1) Use the drop-down menu to select your local Intermediate Unit from the list.

Select an IU dropdown box

(Step 2) Enter or edit the Coordinator/Primary Contact information. This includes last name, first name, staff member position, phone number, extension, and email address.

The coordinator primary contact information section of the contact information page. Text notes that the school address will be pre-populated using the selected school building

(Step 3) Complete the same fields for the Coordinator/Secondary Contact.


Q: Who should be listed as the primary and secondary contacts?

A: The primary contact should be whoever will be completing the application and student referrals. The primary contact will, by default, be sent emails about the application process and any student referral issues which need to be addressed (e.g. student is seated but the referral has not been submitted). The secondary contact may also be included in these emails and will be the default contact if the primary contact cannot be reached.

Monitoring information will be sent to the primary and secondary contacts along with the superintendent, so remember to update the primary and secondary contacts if the positions change!

(Step 4) Enter the contact information for the Superintendent/CEO. This includes their last name, first name, phone number, extension, and email address. Read and check the box at the bottom of this section for the assurance statement.

Superintendent/CEO information section with a red box around the assurance statement

(Step 5) Enter the contact information for your training coordinator. This includes their first name, last name, school/program affiliation, staff member position, address, city, zip code, phone number, extension, and email address.

The training coordinator section of the contact info page.

Q: Who is our training coordinator?

A: Your AEDY Program training coordinator is the person responsible for arranging professional development for your team. This person works for your program, but may or may not work in the same building. For example, the primary contact may work at a program site while the training coordinator works in the corporate building. This is why we ask for their address separately.

(Step 6) Add any additional points of contact by clicking the Plus (+) button next to the words "add another." Adding staff to this list will put them on the listserv to receive emails from the AEDY Team.

Additional points of contact section. A red box is around the blue plus button to add another.