Submit Application

Now that your application is completed, return to the Online Application Menu. You can navigate to this page using the navigation bar on the left of your screen, or by returning to the Home dashboard and selecting "View Application" in the row "Application Pending Approval.

To submit your application, simply select the Program Site from the drop-down menu, then click the button "Submit Application to PDE." Clicking this button will generate emails to your superintendent/CEO requiring their signature for final submission.

Submit application section. A dropbox to select the program site. A red box is around the button below which says submit application to PDE.

Q: How long will it take for our application to be reviewed?

A: Time to review depends on how many AEDY team members are currently available to review applications and the number of applications that have been received. The time to review is not a reflection on the contents of your application. 


Q: What happens when our application is reviewed?

A: When your application has been reviewed by the PaTTAN AEDY team, it will either be Approved or Returned to you with notes for revision. A returned application will include detailed information on what needs to be adjusted - be sure to use this module as a reference when completing any required corrections.


Q: What happens when our application has been approved?

A: Congratulations! When your application has been approved, you will receive a letter stating that this is the case. Your program will also be listed on the Approved Applications map (available at


Q: When will we be monitored?

A: Every site will be monitored at least once during the monitoring cycle. You will be contacted in advance via email and formal letter to let you know the date for the week of monitoring and if/when the AEDY Team will be on site. The AEDY Team member serving as the Chair for the monitoring will be in touch with the AEDY program and all sending LEAs as the date approaches to walk the program through the process. Sending LEAs will be invited to the pre-preparation meeting, the administrative interview, and the Corrective Action meeting. Contact your AEDY team point of contact (or with any questions regarding the cyclical monitoring process. 

Q: The option to submit doesn't seem to be available on this page?

A: If your application includes multiple program sites (e.g. your own in-house program and one or more external AEDY programs), each of the AEDY programs must "grant access" to your application as a sending LEA before you are able to submit the application. Reach out to your point(s) of contact at the AEDY program to discuss this step. More information on how to grant access to sending LEAs is available here on our website