Program Evaluation Data

Program evaluation data prior to the 2019-2020 school year was collected on an annual basis through Safe Schools. Annual reports can be retrieved at Data from the 2019-2020 school year and subsequent is completed in the Leader Services system via the End of Year Report by every sending LEA.

Follow the steps below to complete this section of the application:

(Step 1) Use the File Upload Tool to upload the most recent 3 years of data from your program. Include the school year in the file names to assist the reviewer.

Upload box for program evaluation

Q: What if our program has not been in operation for 3 years?

A: Upload data from the years you have been in operation. If your program is new, you do not need to upload any files to this page. Instead, check the box below the text boxes labeled "Please check if not in operation (new program)."


Q: Where can we access our program evaluation data?

A: End of Year reports are completed annually by every sending LEA with an approved AEDY application, including those which did not place students during the school year (a zero report). Sending LEAs should have copies of their end of year reports on file if they have not already been shared with your program.

(Step 2) Check the box affirming that you have read and understand the requirements for data collection (remember to read them first!).

Assurance statement for data collection

(Step 3) Enter the 3 recent years of operation OR check the box to indicate that the AEDY program has not been in operation prior to the application (new program).

Text boxes to enter the 3 recent years of operation. Checkbox for new programs.

(Step 4) When you have finished the uploads, click the "Save & Go to Next Section" button at the bottom of the page.